Inspirational Themes


Faith-based & Non-Faith Based Programs

My faith has been a big part of my healing journey.  I have powerful programs that are tailored to faith based organizations.  I also offer powerful programs for non-faith based organizations like schools, conferences, and community events.  



A fun presentation/program event intended for women and teen girls. FLAWLESS...Seeing our true beauty so others can see it too.


Fierce Through Flames

Be brave and face the "fire" in front of us. Through sharing my journey and my own walk through the fire the purpose is to encourage others and teach the tools they need to lead a fun, faithful and full life.   

Intended Audience: Family, Men & Women


Walking With Courage

This program is written for all audiences. Through sharing my experiences of faces many fears of life.  Years of fears from physical pain, surgeries, skin grafts, etc and even more fear of facing this superficial world with a scar covered body.  Sharing the things I learned in order to inspire others to find their own courage and face fears of any kind.  Courage is NOT about being tough - learn how to redefine courage and how its grown from a place of weakness.   


Tailored Made

Danette is able to create a program that is specific to your event needs.

Contact Danette today to plan a powerful presentation for your specific event. 


I Am Enough

Life is full of ups and downs. How to learn life's powerful lessons and NOT stay stuck in the pain. Always knowing we are enough right where we are at.  While we make goals to be a better today that we were yesterday. 

Intended Audience:  Women, Men and teens.  In order to be our best self we always need to remind ourselves "I Am Enough!"