Danette's Journey


My life dramatically changed in one horrific instant at the young  age of 10.  Our family home exploded from a gas leak and was destroyed.   I was severely burned to 70% of my face and body, mostly 3rd degree burns.   With a new life of extreme pain and severely scared reflection, how did I pick up the broken pieces of my life? 

Soul on Fire...Beauty from Ashes is intended to share the wisdom I've gained through a lifetime of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.   

The purpose of "Soul on Fire...Beauty from Ashes" is to inspire others to see the beauty and gifts that they possess.  Through the insight and spiritual growth gained on my own painful journey, teaching others how to find life's blessings even in the midst of pain.  Through Inspirational speaking in any size or any type of group setting.  

"Beauty from Ashes."

Soul on Fire...Beauty from Ashes- Danette's Journey

Beauty from Ashes

Soul On Fire - Beauty From Ashes

This video was created for me as a 2019 Women of Vision Honoree.  Thank you to Karen Fournier with Star Stream Productions for putting this video together for the Colorado Women of Vision Foundation.  I'm incredibly honored to be chosen as the 2019 Colorado Woman of Courage


Watch this video to learn more about Soul On Fire's  FLAWLESS program for women and teen girls.

Danette's Outlook

"Success is not being better than others; TRUE  SUCCESS is being able to better others." ~Danette Haag, 2017

"Just because something derailed you, doesn't mean it has to define you." ~ Danette Haag,  2018

"Whenever you think of beautiful things, don't forget to include beautiful YOU" ~Danette Haag, 2018 

"Be bold in faith, lead with love and never be afraid to show your True Beauty."  Danette Haag 2019

"Life's too short not to love yourself while you are working on yourself."  Danette Haag 2019

Courage is not about how tough your are...TRUE COURAGE is being brave enough to show the world your weaknesses so you can keep growing  stronger."  Danette Haag 2019